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Companies, Institutions and Organizations include innovative and successful companies, research centers, nonprofits, labs, and other public and private groups that have played a key role in developing the solar industry to date and that are working on new projects. These organizations are helping to make solar more broadly available, easier to adopt, more efficient or cost-effective, and develop new innovations.

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IMEC?s Ludo Deferm provides a look behind some major announcements the consortium made at SEMICON West: laser anneal over spike anneal, EUV mask cleaning, RuTa metallization showing promise for 22nm PVD.; 22nm; anneal; deferm; EUV; IMEC; Lithography; pvd; SEMICON West; Silicon Genesis president & CEO Francois Henley showcases the company's 20µm kerf-free foil, which is particularly well-suited to BiPV applications and capable of being made into solar cells with 20% efficiency.; BIPV; Henley; kerf; photovoltaic; SEMICON West; SiGen; Silicon Genesis; solar; wafer; The main theme at this year's NCCAVS Junction Technology Group meeting will be 22nm junction, which many believe this will be the first node to use msec-only annealing (i.e. diffusionless), according to meeting chair John O. Borland.; 16nm; 22nm; 32nm; anneal; Borland; diffusion; Junction; millisecond; SEMICON West; Ric Borges of Synopsys discusses the application of TCAD simulation to multijunction and CPV solar cells.; borges; photovoltaics; PV; SEMICON West; solar; Synopsys; Jeff Hebb of Ultratech discusses extending laser spike annealing to the 22nm node, previewing a talk at the NCCAVS Junction Technology Group meeting held Thursday, July 16 in San Francisco.; anneal; Junction; SEMICON West; Ultratech; video; Paul Siblerud of Semitool discusses 3D integration challenges and announces the latest news from the EMC-3D Consortium.; 3d; packaging; SEMICON West; Semitool; Sibelrud; Jan Vardaman discusses alternatives to 3D/TSV technologies for cost-sensitive applications, and makes the case for additional work to develop design guidelines and software, and test methodologies for 3D/TSV technologies.; 3d; SEMICON West; Techsearch; through-silicon via; TSV; Vardaman; Soitec's president and CEO, André-Jacques Auberton-Hervé, discusses the three pillars of 3D integration at the wafer level, as well as bonding at room temperature.; 3d; SEMICON West; Soitec; wafer bonding; On a cost/Watt basis, thin-film solar PV is potentially very attractive, notes Linx Consulting's Mark Thirsk. If the technical challenges are solved, he's bullish that thin-film may take over a 30% share of the market.; Intersolar; materials; SEMICON West; solar photovoltaics; thin-film; thirsk; SEMATECH's Bryan Rice gives a positive assessment of EUV and offers hope for getting companies to open their checkbooks for mask inspection infrastructure funding.; electronics; equipment; EUV; Lithography; manufacturing; new technology; SEMATECH; SEMICON West; Bill McClean, president of IC Insights, talks about the rebound of the semiconductor industry in 2009, and his expectations of double digit growth in 2010 and 2011.; B.J. Han, chief technology officer of STATS ChipPAC talks about trends in advanced packaging technology. ; Confab; HAN; packaging; STATS ChipPAC; ElectroIQ brings you informative video content from Solid State Technology, Photovoltaics World, Advanced Packaging, Small Times and Surface Mount Technology.